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15 August, 2017
Vidya Vikas Institutions has placed more than 200 students through ON CAMPUS JOB RECRUITMENT

With the academic year 2014-15 coming to a close, the Vidya Vikas Institutions has placed on campus more than 200 students through campus recruitment, in diverse sectors like IT, Manufacturing, Automobile engineering, Construction, Design, Quality, Robotics, Electrical and Telecommunication. The other industries that have seen a boom this year have been Banking, Trade, and Retail and Hospitality industries.

The trend from the industry has been in looking for interdisciplinary attributes in students, thereby offering students across disciplines an opportunity to explore their skills and talent outside their core sectors. The Banking and retail sectors have seen a considerable improvement in their hiring numbers with opportunities spanning across disciplines.

Students from Vidya Vikas Institutions today serve with distinction in senior Engineering and business positions across the world and actively contribute to the Alumni activities.

Training is designed to prepare students to take on the challenges of the industry expectations. Special emphasis is placed on inculcating corporate values and skills required for complex problem solving, decision-making, besides developing superior expertise on functional domains and garnering business knowledge. The Entrepreneurial cell at VidyaVikas plays a vital role in encouraging and assisting students who have a passion to start their own business ventures.